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Justin Edward Moore Bednarz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
i'm readin' it!

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now @ justintimeformoore.blogspot.com [Dec. 11th, 2037|10:52 pm]
i'm readin' it!
everything you've ever eaten
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people remind me I'm people (slowly) [Nov. 25th, 2037|04:15 am]
i'm readin' it!
order style and source resource
ceramic ink and teas on course!

clean the things accumulated &
careful now, & careful then too

compete less and less is moreso
complete more & more repeates.
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lowest of the low [Nov. 10th, 2037|03:04 am]
i'm readin' it!
chicago for two weeks and I'll see again about prison guarding
sex offenders (this isn't some kind of metaphor, god damn this is real
-shellacs squirrel song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb5W9Zl_7aQ
and there were thousands of them)

I hear they have a rock band too.

I hear What Would Hemmingway Do?

either way I won't miss this:
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thoughts on independence day the movie and lifting earlier [Oct. 21st, 2037|09:55 pm]
i'm readin' it!
when pushed to resignation we are briefly our obvious opposite and so are just so truthful in that opposing pushing but welcome to earth (emphasis) if that isn't brief or a jibe all best at a time
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OK [Oct. 14th, 2037|02:03 pm]
i'm readin' it!
imagine every joke you've ever made
now then again don't forget to shave
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ing [Sep. 26th, 2037|08:47 am]
i'm readin' it!
open source isn't here right now, please try again later.
music is all. and jokes. I'm sick of signals and this.
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art as technology [Sep. 25th, 2037|06:19 am]
i'm readin' it!
whistle while you work
and what happened to jolt cola
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wait/blank/it [Sep. 25th, 2037|03:35 am]
i'm readin' it!
bad ass chump of
er a chest to pi
nit on open source nonsense
overhear wait 2 relate friends
4 best ever


stand up for change for


quiver or
purple is cheap

paint too!

right time
means they
consult and
maybe decide

4 tylenol
(red squiggle)
no giggle goo
pm not am is


pm is better
andanow now now

thats all
folksy dirt




a book on

that theresa
t.v.,& that
theres a
big screen

& a vine

almost named 2n1/2

all I know is
the ferry is
& a
who WAS martha?
(she was no red squiggle)
it keeps:
clear connect
& out

fuck metaphor
& out
on a walk
I told of the
same & of a
nice suitcase &
the brown rice sweetener is um

tea is



college & me

weeee know who
is ludi ludi, &
why isn't me me

no i n or g

open (again)
source in a
in crowd day
@ 9 30 sum ago
is no mistake?

no doubt poster.
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mistake/entitlement! [Sep. 23rd, 2037|08:32 pm]
i'm readin' it!

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baltimore [Sep. 23rd, 2037|02:02 am]
i'm readin' it!
[Current Mood |thoughtfulso was my friends band]

good good good

some story about a butcher in some asian country I read and forgot:
the emperor found out he was good, wanted everyone to see him.
I think he failed.


grandma (grandpas?)
was a sausage maker.
and wore a tux
with an apron.

or something like that.

he came home and drank the same wiskey
and silently smoked a cigarette my grandma said

she was
quarter jewis it turned out

where I work the pastry chef I don't talk to but work w/ alone each day says off hand things when we' re not exhausted from

(titchler titular? line)

or too well paced and content

but really when an owner or chef comes in

the other day someone had enough time to say "I think today's the first day of summer?" or I did to hear it.


the shows makeshift flyer too close to home came down but I met an angry man on high up who said

nothing more than: I'm sure your brother's very good at that

twice, I stumbled out respect and look, 50 cents isn't enough
of a raise was what I said and things end up face up or down but clearly in the trash can I can tie the bag quickly and tightly around the better absurder show I'd have more likely loved but soul cannon is a name too even though I won't raise my hand when asked to.

quick, pace is an inferior salsa but mixed with mayo in a nice bowl

boil things, it turned out it was the jewish new year and I met people
and it was good.
good good
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